8.25.15 / Last Two Summer Shows This Thursday & Saturday

Last Spring, I was closing out my first year of grad school, and came to the realization that I had the opportunity, time, and financial need to pick up summer shows. I reached out to a few people, and posted to Facebook… And wow did you respond!

With your help and support, I performed 50 shows this summer, and that is a great summer job! Thank you to Chef John of Papps, Cathy Kelly of Michael’s Pasta in the Pan, Derek Panaia of the Rapids, Suzanne Boniface, Nabil Hannoush of Shortstop Bar & Grill, Aaron Lewis of Staind, Tim Van Epps and Kirsten Wedegartner, Bill of 7B’s, and The Westwood for having me in to entertain your guests. It is an honor and responsibility I take seriously.

However, the hockey season and academic year is starting again, and it’s back to the ice rink and classroom for me. In addition, I’ll be undergoing surgery in both hands at New England Baptist Hospital on September 4. It seems that what began as tingling and numbness were signs of carpal tunnel syndrome – which is now at the severe stage. I’ll be unable to play for a little bit… And then I’ll be in the studio in Vermont with Ryan Dubois beginning my next record. But I’ll make sure to post here when I am playing again.

Thank you again, try to make it to one of these two dinner shows, and see you next summer!