9.24.12 / Hello, September

After a busy summer traveling with Changes In Latitutes, a brief solo tour, and even an evening supporting the It Takes a Community Foundation and Aaron Lewis of Staind, it’s time to take the wheels off for a bit and return to some local haunts around western Massachusetts and the Berkshires. Get the horn fixed up by my repairman Larry Mock, work on some new songs, write a few columns for our local newspaper, and spend some time with my family. Soon enough it will be back on the road, and visiting some of those places that most of us dream about escaping to. We can’t always be sitting on a pier overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and writing a new song to share with folks at a local bar like Four Main Street back home. But those moments live as memories and I’m glad to have them.

See you out there somewhere in 2013…
~ JB