5.24.12 / Vermont

Of broken picks, lost time, and roads traveled comes a new voice to American music.

This ain’t no slick polished tracking with auto tuned, harmonized vocals, there’s no place for the latest trend or beat, and the academic pursuit of what’s defined as good by today’s gatekeepers of radio is ignored.

Sure, Jon Berman’s been around for his share of recordings and live appearances over the last twenty years. You may have heard Berman playing what has been dubbed “his trademark saxophone stylings” with The Sweet RemainsStephen Kellogg and the SixersBarefoot Truth,Jackson WetherbeeChanges in Latitudes, or as a solo saxophonist during an intimate moment at dinner. But to hear Berman open up at a personal level relating his trials, travels, and memories of life from the mistakes he’s made, stages he’s played, and foundations he’s laid encourages the listener to stay along for the ride.

In keeping with this theme, Jon has skipped the production that his previous recording, Another Side, introduced and instead just went with the minimum. A man, his guitar, and his songs.

Finally, this recording is capturing a moment. This isn’t a defining album but a day, May 3, 2012, at Southview Arts Studio to be exact. Ryan Dubois is engineering. Jon just got over a bout with the flu, some of the songs were written just before being recorded, and the results will be recorded for the record and sent off for the world to digest, embrace, or reject. No frills, no overdubs, and no editing of mistakes.

There will be more recordings. There will be limited CD pressings, and limited availability online. So collect them, listen, and spread the word. It’s time for a stripped down approach. This isn’t an act, this isn’t a product. This is a record by a family man that does the best job he can as a working musician and songwriter.